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  1. The guide to sports lighting -take tennis court for example
  2. The guide to sports lighting -take tennis court for example - AGC Lighting
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Like this post? Previous post: Turn on the Night. Search for:. Manage high angle glare, thus dramatically decreasing off-site light trespass and sky glow. Mitigate neighborhood nuisance factors and sky glow which, in turn, provide benefits to the environment, the astronomy community, and others.

The guide to sports lighting -take tennis court for example

Minimize lumen densities, which reduce energy consumption. SLL Publications. Other Publications.

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The guide to sports lighting -take tennis court for example - AGC Lighting

Lighting Education Trust. Site Plan. Outdoor Courts. Indoor Structures. Surface Selection. Surface Descriptions. Print Lighting ITF guide to lighting tennis courts 1. Introduction Lighting is required for indoor tennis courts and outside courts when no natural light is available. It is important because it: - extends the playing time of a court; - attracts more coaches and players; and - achieves an increase in revenue from court hiring fees.

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Key terms Horizontal illuminance This is the amount of light falling on the court surface; it is often referred as lighting level. Uniformity of illuminance This is a parameter describing how evenly light is distributed over the court surface. Glare This is the disturbing effect which impairs the vision; it depends mainly on the ratio between the direct brightness of a lighting installation and the brightness of the court surface.

GR is the Glare Rating factor assessing the quality of the installation from a glare perspective Colour temperature This is the apparent colour of a light source; it is expressed in Kelvin K. Colour rendering Colour rendering describes the ability of a light source to reveal and reproduce colours accurately.

It is ranked by the colour rendering index R a from 0 to where the higher the index the better the colour accuracy Obtrusive light Spill light, which because of quantitative, directional or spectral attributes in a given context gives rise to annoyance, discomfort, distraction or reduction in the ability to see essential information. Lighting standards Example of a side lit column layout box fittings. Courtesy of California Products Some National Associations and governments have set different requirements for indoor or outdoor lighting and may use different units of measurement.

Tennis Court Lighting Guides

However, as a guide, the following shows the minimum standards according to the European Standard for Sports Lighting, EN where: - Class I: Top-level national and international competitions non-televised with requirements for spectators with potentially long viewing distances. Lighting recommendations 5. Reference grid for calculation and measurements Calculations and measurements of the performance of a lighting installation should be done on a specific grid, where grid points are determined by the length and width of the TPA. For horizontal illuminance the reference level of the grid is the ground.

enter Maintained values The lighting level provided by an installation will decrease throughout its life, mainly as a result of depreciation of lamps and luminaires see also section 7 below. Spectator area lighting For the visual comfort of spectators rather than safety or emergency reasons, the lighting level should be at least 10 lux.

Columns should be positioned so that participants are unlikely to collide with them. In countries where light nuisance is not a recognised statutory nuisance, recommended values for the control of obtrusive light for various environmental zones with respect to: - Limitation of illumination on surrounding properties. I is the light intensity of each source in the potentially obtrusive direction. Light sources Many types and lamps available today can be used for the lighting tennis courts.

Maintenance and cost of ownership A new lighting system represents a considerable investment. This reviewed as part of the design, elements of such an analysis include: - Initial system cost excluding lamps. Appendix Figure 1. Reference grid for measuring light levels.

Intelligent Control

Figure 2. Typical mast layout for outdoor courts. Courts Classified Surfaces Recognised Courts. Facilities Facilities Guide Supplier Directory. Publications Rules Technical Library News. Lighting specifications for outdoor courts. E h average lux.