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An action packed story from the mind of one of the creators, Doug Beyer opens up the Shards of Alara TM set like no one else can. Doug Beyer started out as a Magic: The Gathering fan, then became a web developer for magicthegathering. He resides in Seattle, Washington.

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Advanced Strategy Guide. Aether Revolt: Player's Guide. You will receive: 1 Alara Reborn Booster Box russian. Condition: Sealed. Sorcery 1. Your strategy revolves around ruling two fronts at once: the land and the sky. Deck List 2 Pacifism. Artifact 2. Use the etherium artifacts of Esper and the necromancy of Grixis to conjure up a combined assault of the unnatural and the undead.

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  4. Strip your opponents' hands of annoying spells, grind away. Sorcery 4. The best strategy against an overwhelming enemy is to stay on the offensive.

    MTG - I cracked into cash? ME?? Alara Reborn pack opening. Magic: The Gathering

    Only 1 left! But there's more to this set than bling. Alara Reborn.

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    It also contains a brief novel clip from Alara Unbroken written Doug Beyer. Hurl both fire and minions directly at your enemies' eyeballs as you cut down creatures and life totals with your death magic. Sorcery 2. Deck List 8 Mountain. From Alara Reborn, Dead Ahead is a black and red deck that uses the power zombies to overwhelm your opponent. The two rares in this are a Lightning Reaver and a foil Deathbringer Thoctar. The most savage brutes from the jungle paradise of Naya and the volcanic wastes of Jund have assembled, awaiting your command.